Jodie Mikula Orchestra

Jodie Mikula organized the Jodie Mikula Orchestra in 1967.  Three of the original band members are still performing with the band.  It is one of the few family bands now performing in Texas.

The original band members included Jodie’s sons Ken who played the lead cornet and tenor sax, Nick who played second cornet and alto sax, and Andy who played the bass horn.  Rosie Mikula (wife of Jodie) played percussion.  Jodie and Frank Mikula (uncle of Jodie) played accordions.

On December 19, 1989, Jodie Mikula passed away.  The greatest tribute Jodie’s family can offer to their beloved is to continue his love of music.  His family knew the music must go on.

The band received the following awards from the Texas Polka Music Association (TPMA):

Posthumous Award to a Pioneer Polka Band Leader with a Lifetime of Dedication to Polka Dance Music was presented to the Jodie Mikula Orchestra on behalf of the accomplishments of Jodie Mikula

1991    Band of the Year
    Best Vocal Duo/Trio - Ken and Nick Mikula
    Album of the Year - “Hot Favorites”

1993 Song of the Year - “The Klobase Polka”, an original composition by the band members

    New Album of the Year - Jodie Mikula Orchestra Presents “The Klobase Polka”
    Best Vocals Band

In June 1996, the Jodie Mikula Orchestra performed at the First Annual Lawrence Welk Polka Festival in Branson, MO.  There was a band competition judged by celebrities such as Myron Floren, Larry Welk Jr., The Lennon Sisters, Jo Ann Castle and others.  The Jodie Mikula Orchestra tied for first place.  One of the honors bestowed to the winners was to perform with Myron Floren in the Lawrence Welk Show that evening.

The band has hosted eight Polka Cruises to various Caribbean ports since 1989.   They have also hosted several bus trips to destinations such as Laughlin, NV, Wichita, KS, Branson, MI and St. Louis, MO.

Through the years, the band has traveled throughout the State of Texas and the nation performing for dances, festivals and special celebrations.

Let’s meet the band

    Ken Mikula    Lead cornet, tenor sax, baritone horn, trombone, vocals, Band Leader
    Nick Mikula     Second cornet, alto sax, lead guitar, alto horn, vocals, Booking Manager
    Andy Mikula    Percussion, Band Manager
    Mike Marek     Electric bass, bass horn, accordion
     Joe Zetka   Accordian, trumpet .sax,  guitar, vocals.
    Janice Marek    Piano

The band is celebrating its 46th anniversary.  The band appreciates all the support given by their loyal fans and always strives to bring the best of polka music for your listening and dancing enjoyment.